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I don’t know where you are now
And I’ve grown old
My hair’s greying
And Ive become blind to blue colour…

I’ve lost count of the years since our last conversation
There’s no memory of the depth in your eyes
My hands stopped trembling for your touch
My brain cells are slowly dying, they’ve grown weak
My emotions are under a rehabilitation process
I have stopped falling asleep in such dense nights
I don’t have the constant urge to see the ‘online’ status anymore
I have forgotten where I have hidden all the letters we wrote
I have changed my route to all my destinations
Ice creams have now become my biggest enemies
My lips haven’t moved in the shape of your name
My phone doesn’t auto-complete the “I” to “love you” anymore

Maybe everything’s over now
Maybe you’re happy somewhere
Maybe you’re falling asleep
Maybe you dont know my name anymore

But I can hear you breathe
I hear you breathing every fucking night
And that’s the only thing that my heart beats to
I am hearing you breathe now
And now
And now
And now again ….
Breathe …. Breathe … Breathe





The dogs outside are engaged in some sort of a ritual
They’re howling into this beautiful cold night like wolves
My heart is playing the rhythm to their howls.. thump thump
I’m covered in memories popping like goosebumps to this music

I’m going to write the last few words you’ll ever hear from me…

The poetry in me is dead now,
And you’re lost somewhere else
Words desert me now
I can see the birds fly out

So I’ll sink into the darkness listening to the howling
This the the song for the dying love
This is the end


And …

There’s a storm here and you’re there somewhere
I’m surrounded by tiny bugs and cigarette ashes
My words are all that reach you while emotions fail
Tomorrow starts to seem like that distant dream


Shine me down

The stars shine brighter
When I see your face like that
All I can hear is the birds
An absolute calm.

These emotions are shapeless
But they’re stronger than any other
I just let the fireworks in me go crazy
And wait for the house to burn down.

I see us lying down on the floor
Feeling the cold surface spoil us
Staring into each other
Craving for that touch.

You know what you’re getting into
But I see you have always wanted it
The day you first smelt the soil
The day you first saw blood.

I carry a destructive heart in me
And now you hold it in your eyes
So let me explode like the stars that shine
When I see your face like that.


A chance

There’s a story waiting to be written
That story about you and I
That story no one wants to tell anyone
That story you read secretly

All the bones and the brain cells in us
Have grown sick of the cliche narratives
You’ve built from those men
I’ve built from these women
Phone screens filled with hearts
Conversations filled with emoticons

I’m fucked up now, So are you
I don’t know what I want from you
But let’s just take a chance
And crash into each other
Like a beautiful accident
And fuck each other up

Let’s write a story
Just for the dark romantics.
Hold me close like,
I’m your worst nightmare.
Close your eyes
Feel the earth move.


A midnight dream

I see myself running
Her hand holding mine
We’re both running
I do not know where
We’re just running
We’re not in a hurry
But the grip is firm
We’re not getting tired
We’re running in a loop
No concrete destination
I don’t mind running
As long her hand’s in mine

And then she stops and pulls me close to her
Whispers in my ear ” I’ve brought you to the promised land”

Sunnie.d. c

Come back

There’s so much music to celebrate in this world,
I’m not celebrating any of it without you.
I’ll shut my ears down from all this noise
Waiting for you to appear at my door one day.
I’ve got my heart clenched tight in my fingers
I’ll try saving it for you till you choose to return home
I’m translating every memory we’ve shared
I’m here till I’m taken away by the mud beneath me

Come home now
Let’s celebrate love



We’re on a mission
You and I,
You aren’t aware
Neither am i.
We’re at war
With this world
You and I
Soldiers born in soil

It’s time now
Let’s go out there
Let’s show them how it’s done
The society stands there
With guns and knives
Let’s go fight baby

Let’s fall in love
All over again
And over and over again
Till they try to tear us apart
Till they give up trying
Till our bones lock up
Till our skin melts away
Let’s go back into the soil.



Oh fuck what the world says
Fuck the myths we’re stuffed into
I don’t want no hands of your clock
Nor do i want the soil from your feet

Love is all I want from you
Only fucking mad psychotic love

Love me with those secret chits you sneak into my pocket
Love me with those flying kisses you shoot through the air
Love me with those underlined words from Neruda’s book of poems
Love me with those ice creams you cleansed off my lips
Love me with those stories you told me about your childhood
Love me with the strange stories we made up under the night stars
Love me with that smoke you blew straight into my mouth
Love me with that toothbrush you’ve left behind at my place
Love me with the times you’ve left crimson scratches on my back
Love me with the rusted petals of flowers saved in our diary
Love me with those random selfies we have clicked
Love me with the super villian alter egos we possess
Love me with the paper rockets we flew with our names and hearts drawn
Love me with the tears you’ve soaked my shirt with
Love me with the jokes we cracked on others and ourselves
Love me with way you grab me from behind in the crowded city traffic
Love me with the songs you sing for me in random times of fight
Love me with the times you wore my favorite color on you
Love me with all the times you’ve bribed me with a kiss after a fight
Love me with the food you fed me with your tiny little fingers
Love me with the times we’ve hated each other’s crushes
Love me with the way you say my name

Oh fuck all that shit
Just love me from wherever you are
However you want


Grab the nearest lightning
And run into the darkness
I’ll be waiting for you in red
Where the sun meets the soil


The sun will soon rise
And the wind will stand still
I’ll have my arm around you
And together we’ll watch the poppies bloom someday



Are you awake my love ?
Please don’t wake up
Don’t fall back down on the ground
Let me talk to you first
And then I’ll wake you up
With a kiss

I’m an inch away baby
I’ll put my life into this
I’ll stretch my heart out
Tear all the tissues
Break all my bones
To be able to touch you.

I’m falling hard baby
On this silky soft ground
Your gleaming eyes staring
A strange smile on your lips
I hear you saying something
But all I hear is vacuum

These roads confuse me
I’m stuck in the woods
Am going in circles ?
Taking the same turns
Around your fears and insecurities
Getting lost in your diaries

Oh your eyes flutter
Like wings
Of that butterfly tattoo
Are you waking up ?
The sun’s just sinking
Sleep now …
Sleep ….


Trapped in a prison
Walls built with words
Emotions caught in space
Purple lights of people
I can’t see you
I can’t breathe you
Your image lingers
On my eyelashes
Cold and scary
Floors of this prison.

Maybe it’s raining outside
Wild, green trees around us
Grey skies become our comfort
Hills filled with stars of water drops
We’re running in slow motion
Laughing loud and happy
As you collapse onto the ground
Panting and smiling
The rain falling on your face
As your eyelids flicker
You shut them for a moment
Waiting for that kiss

But that’s where you are
And I’m here , in this prison
Prison full of people
Walls dirty black


Fights and kisses

We’re stuck in a maze of emotions,
Chased by memories painted black and white,
Running after dreams filled with colours,
Locked up in the clocks fixed inside our eyes

We throw each other away like dust in the woods
Words like weapons piercing our hearts
Surrounded by burning walls and tiny explosions
Defeated and letting life ooze out with every burning second

We search for each other in the maze of fire,
Running towards every corner like two lost animals
For that one killing kiss, that one dying touch
And when we find us in the maze at the end of the clock
Every clock burns away, burning us as we kiss till we become immortal


Sweet sugary love

Sugar coat your love for me
With your sweet mouth
Leave a few bitten spots
On that tiny little red heart
We’ll sit and patch the cuts
With our marshmallow kisses
Our hearts feed on colours
different shades of emotions
We’ll lock ourselves up
And paint them like children
Let’s attach new meanings
To things older than us
Let’s give a new meaning
To the bright blue skies
To the purple starry night
To the chocolate ice cream
To the rusty green fields
To the sounds of birds
To the festive lights
To the sight of mating fireflies
To the scent of rain
To the colours of flowers and butterflies
To the clocks fixed inside us
Let’s go to a new place
No maps, no plans
And stop at randomness
And leave our trails
Of sweet sugary love


Of What good is that love ?
That fills you up with fear
When the skies are on fire
And my arms lurk around the corner.
Your shadows stretch out to reach
The bones beneath my skin
And lightbulbs hanging on our walls
Explode in super slow motion
Piercing our skin, freeing the birds inside.
Let me wrap my arms around you
And rest my lips on your neck
Let the blood drain out completely
forming snapshots of memories at our feet
Let us feel our skin peel away
Let us laugh aloud in madness
There’s a storm outside
There’s fireworks in the skies
There’s nowhere to run
There’s no one to save us
Let’s get comfortable
Get naked
And watch our love
Sink in the pools of our blood
While the world outside catches fire.
Burning everything down
Every place we’ve known
Everything we’ve touched.
Let the birds fly out of our wounds
Let them go find a new home


# 8

We are secrets that only resonate

in the deep dark woods of lone forests


# 7

The price you pay to make love to me

is to let go of yourself


# 6

You and I were created

out of the flames

rising from the dying stars


# 5

And when we found each other

we were damaged and bruised

Till we whispered into each other

“You are me and I am you”

– Sunnie